Why Life Is Strange Made Me Cry

It should go without saying that this article is going to be filled with spoilers for Square Enix’s Life is Strange game series. And, before you read more and find out my reasoning, I will also mention that there are spoilers for Legend of Korra and the Kingdom Hearts series.

If you have finished most of or any of these series, you may be able to guess their common theme. If you haven’t, you may want to back out now, because there are a lot of end game/show spoilers ahead… or feel free to be enlightened.

Up to you. But, know you have been warned.

Satisfying Game Endings

The ending of a story often becomes the ‘make it or break it’ moment of any experience. Unfortunately. Players (or readers or viewers) can go through an epic journey filled with amazing situations and scenarios that tug at heartstrings or resonate with everything in their being… and then dismiss all of their experience because of a dissatisfying conclusion.

While opinions are purely subjective, I feel that there can be a satisfying ending for most stories. And this can even be true with video games. However, I think there’s a specific requirement for an ending to satisfy everyone.

Linear stories.

Why A Horror-Hating Coward is Tempted To Play Until Dawn

Let’s start with two disclaimers.
First: Although this article focuses on Supermassive Games’ survival horror game, Until Dawn, I haven’t played a second of it. 
Second: “The Horror-Hating Coward” mentioned in the article’s title? Yeah, that’s me. I squeeze my eyes shut and cover my ears during horror movie trailers. I couldn’t sleep for about a month after watching the horror “comedy” Cabin In The Woods. (I still refuse to classify it as a comedy in any sense of the word. Sorry, not sorry.) My cowardice is so intense that I even refuse to watch Goosebumps or children’s “scary” stories. It’s bad.

Cutscene Costume Confusion and the Call for Continuity Correction

Have you ever watched a movie and after a huge action-packed sequence, the main character starts talking to his team and is wearing a completely different outfit? Same scene. Same place. Same situation. Just a completely different outfit.

No? Me neither.
So, then why is it okay for games to behave this way?

The Power Is Yours! Bring Back Captain Planet

It seems that anymore, everything is a remake or a reboot or a remaster. As a writer, I value original ideas and often get disheartened with the lack of truly unique stories.

However, there’s one franchise I desperately want to be brought back.
Captain Planet.

This show was pure gold, and honestly, I can’t think of a reason why this show hasn’t been brought back already. Why, you ask? Well, let the five elements combine to prove to you why this show is in desperate need for a comeback!

Animorphs Acquires Movie DNA

We all have a special word that reminds us of our childhood. Some kind of positive trigger that brings us back to days of coloring books, playing pretend, and television shows. Okay, maybe some of us never quite grew out of those habits – guilty – but, as we start to reach adulthood, it only takes one word to strike that nostalgic chord.

My word? Morph.

Seasons and Seasons of Character Arcs

There is something really unique about telling stories through television.

I love all types of storytelling. I really do.

But I am a television junkie.

There is something captivating about tuning in to see what happens to the characters you’ve grown to love (or hate) each week.